My name is Jacob Moran and I am a portrait and editorial photographer from Indianapolis, IN. By now you have probably noticed two things about my work; I love Black & White & Fashion photography. The dynamic punch of Black and White photos satisfies the most bold side of my artistic expression, while my fashion work fulfills the more vulnerable & elegant.

When working with me you aren't just getting photos. You are getting a 

Jake With The Shot photo, which is made through thoughtful composition, crisp lighting and unparalleled professionalism. I pride myself on being able to extract a dramatic and expressive emotion from my muses with comfortability and ease.

Don't get it twisted, just because I take my work seriously doesn't mean I don't know how to make shooting fun. I'm all about making a shoot feel like you're meeting a new friend who you just happen to be creating beautiful images with!

So whether you are wanting to make flowy, color filled fashion photos fit for the magazines or dramatic, moody Black & White photos for the gram, look no further than Jake With The Shot.